We are honored to introduce a few new members to the Classic Muscle family of full restorations! Please give a warm welcome to Mike and his 1968 Pontiac Firebird! (Mike is not yet pictured but maybe we will get some sniper shots of him soon?😆) Quite the story; Mike has owned this car for over 40 years and it was his very first car. We will be restoring the car to a mostly original/light Restomod or “Day Two” status, very similar to Cindy’s ‘67 Mustang. We are very happy to have Mike and the car on-board with us. Mike is a great guy and we know he and the car will be a great addition to our growing family. We will be tearing the car down to a shell here soon, then it’s off to media blasting and so on. Here’s to the future as we build another awesome driver and help keep the dream alive. Once again, please give Mike a warm welcome if you’re inclined!