Customer Quotes and Reviews

“I have never met anyone who understands the entire operation of a car, front to rear, like Brandon does. He turned my 66 Fairlane into my number 1 choice when heading to the key rack for any destination. All I consider now is the weather.”

“Awesome work Brandon treats his customers like family. The work they do is very clean the wiring in your classic car will be better than its was when the car came off the assembly line.”

“I’m into hot rods and if I can’t fix it I go here. This guy is outstanding. He does everything for hot rods. Builds top quality hot rods, engine work suspensions, you name it.”

“Brandon’s commitment to quality and excellence is astounding. Many years ago I fell in love with the idea of owning a mid-50s car and driving it as my every day car. I am not a ‘car guy’, I just fell in love with these cars as works of art. Now, I drive a gorgeous 1956 Chevy … none of this would’ve happened without Brandon.”

“When we took our 1969 SS Chevelle to Brandon & Classic Muscle, we had no idea of the good things that lay in store for our classic ride. From a complete bumper-to/bumper custom re-wire to new gauges to a re-built engine and new 5 spd transmission, Brandon gave our Classic nothing but the highest attention to detail and the highest level of craftsmanship. Even small items that weren’t part of the scope of work were “fixed” or taken care of at little to no additional charge. It’s that level of service that will keep us as loyal Classic Muscle clients. Not only does Brandon provide the highest levels of workmanship while he has your Classic, he also provides an un-paralleled level of service after sale, including several trips to our house for trouble-shooting. Thank you Brandon for your talents and for making yourself available on our schedule to keep our Chevelle “fully tuned”!”

“Wow!! You picture it in your mind, then you see the finished product and it turns out waaaayyyyy better than you could have imagined! Once again, all the expectations I had, (and I had ‘em!) have been surpassed! Just a fabulous job! Blending ‘new’ and ‘stock’ elements and making them look like they belonged there in 1969, takes some talent.”

“Classic Muscle and especially Brandon have gone above and beyond excellence for the work they have done for our son Brandon Gatdula’s 68 GTO. This has been a family owned car since it was off the showroom floor. His father and I passed it down to him a few years ago. The progress that he started, was interrupted when he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, We took the car back to finish the project, hoping to pass it down someday to his 5 year old son. Thank you Brandon for going out of your way to treat this car as family as we do, it warmed my heart to hear the excitement in our son’s voice after seeing pictures that you posted for him every step of the way. We know there is still more work to be done and it will be juggled along the way, as we are helping Brandon with his battle also. On behalf of our entire family… We thank you for being more than just a great mechanic to us. Your shop gets a 10 star rating from us!”

“Brandon did a awesome job installing a vintage air system in my ’49 Chevy. He went above and beyond on the install. All lines were tucked out of sight. 5 star job!”

“Took my restored 1970 C10 pickup to Brandon for some repair work. Great service, top of the line work. Money well-spent. I have a new mechanic. Thanks Brandon!”

“Brandon and I took our Chevelle for a spin tonight after he worked his magic on her. From fixing the smallest leak, re-routing loose wiring, installing suspension upgrades, or fine-tuning the new Quick Fuel carburetor, Brandon has done an amazing job! Our Chevelle has never run or handled better.”

“Nothing short of impressed! You’ve delivered on every aspect of this build and I couldn’t be happier! Beyond any expectation I had. All the cool upgrades- wiring, gauges, motor / trans, not to mention the little things that were just ‘fixed’ along the way! Everything from parts, materials, and workmanship is just first class! I’ll be a Classic Muscle client for life! Thank you for your dedication, eye for detail, your invaluable depth of knowledge & experience, and for being patient with a project owner who peppered you with endless questions and thoughts. On top of it all, I feel I’ve made a new friend along the way!”

“Can’t believe how smooth our SS 396 accelerates! Thanks Brandon!”

“Very professional job done on my Vintage Air system. Very clean installation- lots of extra work completed with attention to detail. I could not be more pleased. Every hot rodder should check out Brandon’s work!”

“Classic Muscle & Brandon got me back on the road. I highly recommend Classic Muscle & Brandon is just a great guy.”

“Very professional and organized shop. Brandon is very honest, helpful and a very nice person to work with. Thumbs up!”

“If you appreciate amazing customer service, quality workmanship, and pride in every detail look no further than Classic Muscle and Brandon…you won’t regret the decision!”

“Brandon fixed my baby, got me back on the road and his price was right. I can not say enough good things about Brandon & Classic Muscle. Thank you Brandon.”

“Roxy” loves her new Quick Fuel carb!”

“Wouldn’t want anyone else on my project!”

“Absolutely recommend these guys!”

“The car means so much to our family. I’m glad my dad found someone who will take good care of it.”

“I’m getting “Classic Muscle’d” !!! I always wanted to be on Overhaulin’…This is the next best thing!!”

“You’ll be completely satisfied with the amazing work and attention to detail that Brandon brings to each and every job. Classic Muscle is the bomb!”

“Glad you’re on my team! That’s why I keep you around! I’m going to keep you on permanent retainer!”

“Ran awesome thanks to all the hard work and expert tuning Brandon Kelley did at Classic Muscle! No overheating problems despite temps in the 90’s!”

“Beautiful work, we thank you for being that rare person who cares about not only the mechanics of the car, but the history as well.”

“Oh yeah…this was so the right thing to do!”

“I’m in good hands!”

“I’ve heard good things about you!”

“After our test drive tonight, there is no better carb tuner than Brandon!”

“Put me on the schedule!”

“You are in good hands, as Brandon does nothing but top notch work.”

“Good to know you have the resources to tighten up my ride!”

“You are living the dream! My husband drools over all of your customers/projects!”

“I knew I had the right guy on the job!”

“Had a great time as usual hanging out with you! Thank you for making yourself available! I had a blast.”

“Been a good ride and more than happy with the things you’ve done!”

“It is very hard to come by a business that has so much love and respect for what they do.”

“Your hard work is much appreciated. What a great job!”

“I’m very grateful sir. Thank you!”

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